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Devon Daniels: Bras & Beaches

Featuring: Devon Daniels
Date: January 29th, 2017
Duration: 29:40
Big-bust specialist John Graham directs Devon Daniels inside the beachside Tropical House of Grand Exuma Cay, The Bahamas in July, 1988. This video is totally raw. There's no music, no video effects and the verbal direction is not erased as the editors would normally have done then, and which they still do today for the most part. No one outside of our staff has ever heard or seen this raw video. After driving to the house, Devon tried on bras, then went to the beach topless, then nude. She had total privacy. There was no one hiding and peeping from the bushes. There was no one for miles in this secluded area. What it's like now thirty years later is something we don't know. Hopefully it's the same.

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September 11, 2017
Kudos to Score for bringing back this material from the Golden Age of Big Boobs! Great job and let's see more of Devon!

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