Yorkshire Girl Makes Good

Yorkshire Girl Makes Good

This pictorial of Great Britain's Adele Stephens is glamour-style. A girl with a hot taste for sexy dresses and outfits, Adele usually wore platform shoes which made her leggy appearance even more leggy.

Adele had the ability to look like a girl-next-door or a glamour girl. She has a beautiful face yet she never had the unapproachable look that many glamour girls have. Very supple and flexible, her skill at getting into sexy, creative poses was second to none. Today, many models just stand as the photographers shoot away (or sit if they're at-home webcam girls) and exert very little energy in the way of actual posing.

Adele was very nervous during her first photo shoot but quickly adapted because she wanted to be a model. It wasn't a one-and-done situation for cash. Adele came from a small town (her mum was a librarian) and the locals were more than surprised when they learned about her career path. Her great success proved Adele had made the right choice.
Featuring: Adele Stephens
Date: March 21st, 2019
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1 year ago 
What a beauty. Sheer class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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