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Adina & Ariana

Featuring: Adina and Ariana
Date: April 14th, 2022
Photos: 50
Adina and Ariana debuted in separate solo pictorials in July 2000 SCORE, with Adina masturbating and Ariana as a belly dancer, a tribute to her Afghan heritage. Brunette Ariana was an exotic dancer in California and had a knack for sultry, eye-contact flirting. Blonde Adina was a dental hygiene student from Las Vegas, Nevada and made extra bucks as a web-cam model when that kind of modeling was new. They were both invited to sail on the Boob Cruise. Although they were quiet girls, everything about them screamed sex. Adina even brought her textbooks to read on the Cruise. They were both only 20 years old with the sexual talents of much more experienced women. They were big hits on the Boob Cruise that set sail on April 29, 2000. Every guy had his eyes glued to their sexy bodies. Both girls dressed in hot outfits.

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