Alexis & The Peeping Tom

Alexis & The Peeping Tom

Alexis Love attributed her massive breast growth in mid-life to natural, if unexpected, hormonal shifts, an occurrence that can't be controlled, duplicated, or even explained medically with any clarity.

In September of 1997, Alexis went to the UCLA Medical Center's Iris Cantor Center for Breast Imaging. She was accompanied by Steve Sullivan, editor of the fanzine, Glamour Girls Then and Now. The medical tests, including a mammogram, indicated "no evidence of breast implants." The next day, she went to LA obstetrics/gynecology physician, Dr. David Kline, for another exam. His findings: "no evidence of breast implants."

Alexis went to these great lengths to try to finally put an end to the never-ending talk that she had breast implants. It was kicked off when a fan at a collectibles show asked Alexis if she sold any "pre-implant" photos. His comment pushed Alexis' button hard. It wasn't the first time.
Featuring: Alexis Love
Date: October 1st, 2016
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2 years ago 
I just wanted to thank you at Score Classics for previously posting the video for the "Peeping Tom" set. I really enjoyed the behind the scenes with Alexis. Thank you again.
3 years ago 
Thank you for bringing back Alexis Love and the peeping Tom photos back. These are awesome when I think of an opportunity to be at that window, and seeing this gorgeous woman with that incredible body. She was almost to good to be true.
3 years ago 
I love all of the photos of Alexis Love. One of the first sets you brought to Score Classics was the Library set. As I'm writing this comment, it has been taken away. I hope you will be bringing it back.
5 years ago 
Getting to be a peeping Tom would be a tremendous pleasure with Alexis Love on the other side of the window.

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