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Alexis Love was not who is today referred to as a cougar, a mature woman interested in young men. There was no doubt that younger readers of SCORE and Voluptuous in 1994 had the hornies for her, as some young guys had for actress Joan Collins.

"I like older men," said Alexis. "That sounds pretty strange, coming from a woman my age, but I'm not into really young men like some women. I like men to be sophisticated and passionate in life and love. I'd also like him to be somebody I can learn something from. He also must be well read, well traveled, sensitive, honest and have some integrity, that's very important.

Alexis was totally candid about her posing style. If anyone didn't like it, she wasn't about to change and get more explicit to accommodate them.

"I really don't bare all. My posing is what I like to refer to as more of a pin-up style. I think men prefer that kind of modeling, as opposed to where everything is bared, and I really am very shy. In fact, I think…
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Date: November 22nd, 2016
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5 years ago 
A very rare woman Alexis love was. A woman in her 40s who could still look great in a bikini is incredible.

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