The Secrets of Love

The Secrets of Love

"We're all looking for the secret of love, and you always see self-help books on sex in the stores," Alexis Love said. "What I've found is that a lot of men are intimidated by very sensuous women. I think that if men could just relax and enjoy the moment that everything would be wonderful. That sounds pretty corny, I know, but I'm a romantic.

"I just feel that when two people have feelings for each other and are turned on by each other, sex just flows naturally. If people don't have the right chemistry, it won't happen for them."

Alexis should have written a book about sex, relationships and attraction from the mature woman's point of view, in the style of "The Sensuous Woman." She's well-read and educated with a progressive attitude.

"I believe that my needs are just as important as anybody's and they should coincide. I, and all women for that matter, shouldn't have to conform to some pre-conceived standard that men expect. Men shouldn't have to either, for that matter. It's a…
Featuring: Alexis Love
Date: January 6th, 2018
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4 years ago 
Alexis Love is one of the most popular models on Score Classics web site. I hope there are more photos you can bring to us fan of this remarkable lady.
5 years ago 
Thank you for all of these Alexis Love photos, and videos. I will never get tired of her. I know eventually you will give us much more. I can't wait.

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