The Mature, All-natural Woman

The Mature, All-natural Woman

In February 2001, the office got an email from someone who wrote about this "new model, an older woman named Alexis Love, who [we] just have to get in SCORE." He'd seen her pictures somewhere. He was a little late by eight years but we appreciated the interest.

"Most of my fan mail is so nice and romantic," said Alexis. "I've received really beautiful letters from men who obviously were extremely well-educated and successful--men with a great deal of substance. That's a turn-on, that a man is complete in all aspects. It's also very flattering because, and you probably know this, I'm basically very shy.

"In some of the fan letters I get, men tell me about their fantasies. I'm really flattered by all of the attention and it's a turn-on to be desired."

Some readers get puzzled when a model says she's shy yet she's posing totally naked for pictures and videos. But it's true.

Featuring: Alexis Love
Date: February 28th, 2019
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4 years ago 

Thank you again for bringing more photos of Alexis Love. I hope you will put more of her to Score Classics.

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