Alexis May: Great Scot!

Alexis May: Great Scot!

Alexis was candid when she was interviewed by TSG editor Dave Rosenbaum for Holiday 2005 SCORE magazine.

"I traveled to England a lot to do porn. I never did it at all in Scotland. I had a website made up with some pictures and I got some work from that, and there are modeling forums in the UK, and I put some pictures up and got some calls. And they flew me down to England, and I started doing boy-girl videos. I used to lead a double life before my parents found out what I was doing. They thought I was still a legal secretary and living with my boyfriend, and in fact I was doing porn and living with my boyfriend. Me and my boyfriend had a huge fight, and he basically told my mom and dad to come pick me up from the flat we were living in, and then he told them.

"I'd say I'm normally sexually active. I've obviously become a bit more active because of what I do, but I think I'm pretty normal. I mean, outside of porn, I have the normal boyfriends and a normal amount of sex. I…
Featuring: Alexis May
Date: February 11th, 2023
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