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Heather Hooters & Alyssa Alps: Perfect Pairing

Featuring: Alyssa Alps and Heather Hooters
Date: September 4th, 2021
Photos: 113
This pairing of Heather Hooters and Alyssa Alps is a rare photo shoot of two of the top exotic dancers of the 1990s. It was shot in July, 1996 and published in the June 1997 edition of SCORE. Heather was the quiet one. Alyssa was the chatty one. The '90s were a great, busy decade for these two. Was it better all-around then? The clubs were booming and the busty superstars were everywhere. Alyssa penned a fantastic column in SCORE called "On The Road" that began in the January '98 SCORE and ended in the June '03 issue. That's a great run for any column, especially in men's magazines. She would write about her club dates, her dancer friends and what happens behind the scenes. It was filled with snapshots of Alyssa with her dancer buddies, fans and club employees.

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