Upfront With Amber Brooks

Upfront With Amber Brooks

Before Amber Brooks switched over to webcam interaction, she was a stripper in Houston, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada.

"It's a fantasy to have a girl who you barely know sit down in front of you, and she wants to rub her body all over you. Rub her titties in your face."

Amber told us in an interview that she likes to watch interracial porn.

"I like to see big black men with huge dicks fucking little white girls. I love black men and black women together. That's great. But for some reason, it looks like the black woman can beat the white guy's ass, and usually it's little white guys with Amazon black women, and it should always be the other way around. The man should always be bigger."
Featuring: Amber Brooks
Date: August 25th, 2022
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