Amber Brooks' Brick House Body

Amber Brooks' Brick House Body

Amber Brooks told us she likes getting her pussy licked hard.

"I can't stand that soft bullshit. I don't like feminine men. I don't like lovemaking. I've never been able to cum when somebody was making love to me because I lose my concentration. I start thinking about my hair and my nails and how I look. But if you're fucking me, you've got my concentration.

"I like getting titty fucked. I just recently started liking it. I was with a guy who had a huge dick, and he wanted to titty fuck me, and I was like, 'Go ahead. Get it over with,' and all of a sudden, I looked down and said, 'Wow! That kinda looks cool.' And he was doing all the work, and I was freed up, and then he came all over me, and it just turned me on.

"Guys don't usually fuck me. I fuck them. I'm a top person. But most guys like that, and most guys who didn't think they liked it end up liking it. And if I'm on top, I get to cum faster, so they like that. I like to talk dirty. All the time. There's no point in having…
Featuring: Amber Brooks
Date: August 27th, 2022
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