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Angel Eyes Brought Joy To Big Al's of Peoria, Illinois

Featuring: Angel Eyes
Date: October 16th, 2021
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The idea of following an exotic dancer from her arrival in town by jet to her stage show was suggested by a reader who liked a photo shoot of several SCORE Girls backstage at the Howard Stern show. 24-year-old feature dancer Angel Eyes from Pennsylvania was met at the Peoria, Illinois airport by photographer Bob Ferguson and a limousine driver. He filmed Italian-American beauty Angel in the limo teasing the driver, preparing for her shows in the dressing room of Big Al's popular strip club and performing on-stage. The photo shoot was published in an eight-page layout in November 1995 SCORE magazine. "This wasn't scripted or anything," said Angel, who later sailed on Boob Cruise 1998. "The limo driver couldn't take his eyes off of me so I figured why not give him the time of his life. He even asked for an autographed photo because he said nobody would ever believe him. I'll tell you what..he'll never be the same." Big Al's was demolished in 2013 for a new hotel and relocated. The owner, Alfonse "Al" Zuccarini passed on in 2015.

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