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Angelique & Gabi Keep The British Cock Up

Featuring: Angelique and Gabi
Date: August 30th, 2018
Photos: 50
Gabi was a German girl-next-door who was spotted in Birgel, a municipality near Belgium that attracted tourists. She was a waitress at the time. Her debut layout was published in June 1995 Voluptuous magazine. A second pictorial was published in November/December 1995 issue. Angelique was the complete opposite physically. A Brazilian, she busted her bras with supersized tits and had a bigger-than-life sexuality, always flirting and eye-banging. She sailed on Boob Cruise 1995 and 1997 and put everyone under her spell. So, this was a sort of odd-couple pairing. For the most part, SCORE tends to not match naturals with girls who have augmented tits, but this threesome worked. Discovered by a Voluptuous reader, Gabi only came to London one time to model.

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