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Minka & Angelique: The Classic hospital scene

Featuring: Angelique and Minka
Date: February 27th, 2020
Photos: 60
One of the greatest and most well-known pairings in SCORE history, Minka and Angelique were a nurse and patient fucking each other with giant Latex dicks in a London hospital. This pictorial was published in September 1996 SCORE, an issue that sold out fast. A special cover shot was filmed with Minka and Angelique side-by-side holding measuring tapes around their impossibly huge tits. Their nipples are barely covered by the tape but not their areolae. In October, 1995, Minka and Angelique did a rare stage and lap dance show in London. They went with a group of SCORE photographers but the management of the club For Your Eyes only let them bring in a video camera. Minka was already well known as a feature dancer in the USA after starting out as a bachelor party dancer. Angelique was considering feature dancing and this night was a quick taste of it on stage before an audience, with Minka as her show partner and mentor. Angelique never did become a professional stripper after that evening but she did get in plenty of dancing every night on the party deck of the Boob Cruise in March, 1997. .

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