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A Lovely Song

Featuring: Anna Song
Date: July 29th, 2021
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Model, student and musician Anna Song enjoyed partying in Goth gatherings all over Europe. Whatever city she was in, Paris (her home), Moscow (she is Russian by birth) or Budapest, she'd find a big Goth rave and dance until dawn. But Anna said she dislikes the standard nightclub scene. As far as her boyfriend situation, Anna was candid. "In men, age and appearance are not that important to me," Anna told us. "A man should be a gentleman all the time and treat me well. Some men think that they can be rude to girls and that girls will respect them for that, but not me. I don't like rude guys at all. I wouldn't care how much money he might have. He has to be sweet and nice." Last we knew, Anna holds a full-time job and is still following her music passion.

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July 29, 2021
Always have loved her shes awesome! also looks delish

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