Big-Boob Prejudice Must End

Big-Boob Prejudice Must End

When Girl-next-door Annie Swanson first came to The SCORE Group, she had never posed nude or worked as a stripper. When she debuted in September 2002 Voluptuous magazine, no one could have guessed how quickly Annie would take to shooting videos and photo sets, from solos and girl-girls to hardcore.

"There are times where people make amazing comments, where they say really nice things like, 'Wow, you look great.' You know, not anything that pertains to my boobs. A lot of the time people are in awe, where they can't say anything, where they're just like, 'Omigod.' That's what I get a lot. 'Omigod.' And 'Wow!'"

Annie had the biggest breasts among her friends.

"In high school, you have dress codes, and if I wore a little tank top, and another...let's say flat-chested girl was to wear a similar tank top, teachers wouldn't say anything to her, but they would say something to me. I got detentions because of the clothes I wore. I got suspended. I was sent home. Even though I was…
Featuring: Annie Swanson
Date: September 29th, 2022
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