The Wild One

"I give great head. Women are going to kill me if this gets out, but the absolute truth is you can have anything you want if you give a good blowjob. Anything. Doesn't matter. You can have whatever you want. More women should realize that's where the power is, and it's not submissive.

"It's not, 'Baby suck my dick' and you're submissive. That's where all the control is. If you give somebody head every day, you can have whatever you want. The world is your oyster. I like to fall in love with the penis, every inch of it. The man who I'm with, I like to fall in love with his cock."

So said the girl in this photo set who was Ashley Bust who became Sunny Days who finally became Plenty UpTopp. After super-sizing her already big boobs, Plenty joined SaRenna Lee, Minka, Kayla Kleevage, Casey James and Maxi Mounds for the DVD Mega-Boobed Olympics. A one-of-a-kind movie with all bra-shattering girls, Plenty was the wildest of the wild bunch, which said a lot considering her co-stars.

Plenty was also known for her long, thick labia majora. She would pull and stretch her pussy lips like Dawn Phoenix and definitely belonged to the big lips club. If you were photographing Ashley, you could ask her to do anything and she'd do it.
Featuring: Ashley Bust
Date: April 15th, 2017
Photos: 49

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