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Ava Lustra: Stacked & Sleek

Featuring: Ava Lustra
Date: March 27th, 2021
Photos: 60
"I never make the first move on a guy," said Ava Lustra, hot blonde American stripper and porn star. She was one of the many Americans who flew to London to shoot for SCORE magazine during the Big '90s. "Even if I see a guy that I find attractive, I'll wait until he approaches me. I may catch his eye and smile, but I probably won't go over and start talking to him. If he doesn't come and talk to me, then I'll probably go home alone. It may sound like I'm introverted, but I'm actually very happy with my life." Before Ava became a stripper, she was a competitive swimmer. She was a three-time SCORE magazine cover girl: May 1995, August 1995 in a girl-girl with Kayla Kupcakes and January 1996 in a group cover with Angelique, Whitney Wonders, Teresa, Olivia, and Jordan St. James shot in The Bahamas.

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