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Ava Lustra '99

Featuring: Ava Lustra
Date: November 11th, 2021
Photos: 50
Ava Lustra is a three-time SCORE magazine cover girl: May 1995, August 1995 (with Kayla Kupcakes) and January 1996 in a multi-girl cover shot taken in The Bahamas with Angelique, Whitney Wonders, Teresa, Olivia and Jordan St. James. This photo shoot, lensed in Florida, was produced five years after her SCORE debut, which was shot in London. The make-up, lighting and styling are very different compared to her original scenes. Ava almost looks like another woman. Photographers, much more than clothing, make the woman. A SCORE Group editor met Ava at an adult website convention called Interactive 2000 in Las Vegas. Photos did not do Ava justice. She was not dressed to show off her cleavage but to show her sexy legs. The bright, blond hair was darker.

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November 14, 2021
Her pussy type is a "prominent outer lips type" similar to Autumn Jade. That is, in a standing position with both legs closed, the major labia on both sides protrudes, and the minor labia is hidden in it and cannot be seen from the outside (See photos 13-17). However, in the close-up photo of her pussy spread out, her minor labia is surprisingly thick and quite meaty. Also, although her clitoris is not visible in this photo set, the clitoral hood (fore skin) that covers the clitoris is not as sharp as Lindsey Dawn Mckenzie, but it is long and well-defined with the minor labia that follows. The lower part of the vaginal entrance and the perineum that follows it, as well as the anus with no hemorrhoids and buttock crevices, are relatively clean, and I think her pussy belongs to the finest contrasting category (See photos 49-50) .
November 13, 2021
It is a pretty erotic and nice pussy. Especially the plump major labia seen from behind (see photos 19-27).

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