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Barbie: A Well-named Girl

Featuring: Barbie
Date: March 5th, 2022
Photos: 85
Beautiful and generously stacked, Barbie made her debut in the September 1999 edition of SCORE. She was 19 years old and a college student in California, posing to make extra money for school. This pictorial was published in November 1999 Voluptuous. We didn't discover and photograph Barbie. This pictorial came to us from a photographer we knew in the Los Angeles area. A few months later, another photo set of Barbie arrived from a different Los Angeles photographer. She'd been making the rounds of the professional studios that filled the Southern California area back then. Unfortunately for us and the rest of the free world, we couldn't bring Barbie to the SCORE studio in Miami. She had the makings of a SCORE star. Barbie's time on-camera was very brief.

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