Bobbie Roxxs Rocked

Bobbie Roxxs Rocked

In 1999, SCORE's "On The Road" columnist and feature dancer Alyssa Alps met 25-year-old dancer Bobbie Roxxs in a club called Temptations in Tucson, Arizona. Alyssa called our office and suggested that Bobbie would be a good fit for SCORE. When Alyssa made suggestions, we always listened.

Bobbie measured 42-24-36 and wore a 34G bra. Before becoming a dancer, she spent six years in the U.S. Marine Corps after graduating high school. This brunette beauty did everything a Marine does, including weapons training. She was also a billboard model for the Marines recruiting department. "Alyssa didn't have to help me," said Bobbie. "But she did and I owe her everything. She's down to Earth and so helpful."

Bobbie participated in an event called Battle of the Showgirls at The Masters club in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Bobbie, Autumn-Jade, Phoenix K. and Kaylee O'Toole teamed up for SCORE in June of 1999. One of the sponsors was Exotic Dancer magazine, creators of the annual Exotic Dancer Expo. Photos from this event were published in the Holiday '99 SCORE. The last information we have is that Bobbie and Phoenix have moved on from dancing while Kaylee teaches exotic dancing.
Featuring: Bobbie Roxxs
Date: November 24th, 2022
Photos: 70

Member Comments

1 year ago 

It's great to have a model with a background as a signature model for the Marine Corps Recruiting Department.
Her pigtails are cute, her huge round boobs are cool, and her meaty minor labia are nice.
Her pussy butterflies from photo 66 to 70 are also most erotic. It would be perfect to paint her lying down nude on the nose of a bomber.

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