Dungeon Mistress

Dungeon Mistress

This mild, fetish-style photo shoot of Bodacious Babbette was filmed in London. It was an unusual look for Babbette. She was a stacked stripper with a swimsuit body who leaned toward a kind of bikini girl glamour, not a fetish girl skulking in a dungeon. However, it was a change of pace.

It was easier and less costly to fly an American model to London's John Lee Graham Studios instead of sending a camera crew with equipment to America and book locations, hotels and transportation.

Word had it Babbette married a man she met in a nightclub after one of her performances and settled in Virginia. Babbette scaled back her dancing after that and her career wrapped up near the end of the decade. This editor caught one of Babbette's shows in the mid-90s and she was one smoking-hot girl.
Featuring: Bodacious Babette
Date: April 21st, 2018
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