Brittany Andrews: A Porn Magnate For All Seasons

Brittany Andrews: A Porn Magnate For All Seasons

September 1995. Brittany Andrews is in London shooting for SCORE.

There is nothing in porn, no career--from model and porn star to movie director/producer to web personality--that Brittany hasn't done over the years. She began as a stripper in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, became a feature dancer and moved into magazine modeling in January 1995. She traveled on three Boob Cruises (1995, 1997 and 1998) and was the columnist for Leg Sex magazine (Brittany is a foot fetishist).

She'll kill us for noting this but her distinctive laugh is similar to The Nanny actress Fran Drescher's. We should know, having heard it during every Boob Cruise.

Besides soft and hard porn, Brittany has worked in mainstream films, art movies and documentaries. She's tireless.
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