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Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Bustline

Featuring: Carol Brown
Date: June 22nd, 2019
Photos: 80
A Voluptuous and SCORE Girl from the 1990s who was extremely popular, saucy English lady Carol Brown radiates an approachable sex appeal and a horny, cheerful personality to this day. It's rare for a model to stay in the game this long. She started a website, but it's no longer online. "I would describe myself as a sex-starved woman who loves to have sex three times a day with my husband if he is up for it," Carol said. "I also masturbate most days. My friends have sex about once a week but that just would not be enough for me. I have always loved sex but as I have gotten older my orgasms are more intense. I like to talk during sex. I tell my husband exactly what I want him to do to me. "For example, I may want him to finger my arse and give me anal sex.

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