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Carrie Lynn The Natural

Featuring: Carrie Lynn
Date: September 5th, 2016
Photos: 50
If anyone was the prototype in face and body for the all-American girl, that girl was Carrie Lynn. An all-American girl with 44-inch tan-lined, natural tits. Carrie only posed one time. Except for one video, which was surprisingly much more explicit than her magazine shoots, Carrie preferred still photographs. So only one video exists. "Carrie always said that when she graduated, she would stop modeling," said the only man who photographed her. "Like a lot of large-boobed, regular girls who do not plan on getting involved in any kind of adult entertainment career, she never thought her chest was a big deal. Sometimes, she'd get a little cranky like any girl, but overall, she was great to shoot." This was true. Carrie was a one-time model. She never approached other photographers and had no interest in becoming a full-time model.

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