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Casey Cleavage: Spreads Like Butter

Featuring: Casey Cleavage
Date: January 13th, 2022
Photos: 40
"I'm horny all the time," said Casey Cleavage. No surprise about that. Casey was 24 years old and in her sexual prime when she posed for these Voluptuous magazine photos. "I need to come a lot. I guess when I get older, my body will cool off but for now I need to have at least two or three orgasms a night. If I can't get the right man, I'll masturbate three or four times before I go to sleep. A big vibrator on my clit and a dildo moving in my pussy at the same time give me what I want. One of the advantages to masturbating alone is that no one has to sleep on the wet spot. But I don't want to get used to masturbation all the time because no cock can match a machine." Savvy and sexy, a good combination.

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