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Charlotte's Tan-lined Tits

Featuring: Charlotte
Date: September 22nd, 2018
Photos: 63
Like Russian Kathy, Charlotte also had a taste for girls as sexy and as pretty as she was. Besides Kathy, she paired off with Jessica Turner, Linzi Cassidy and Annette Christianson. One of the last of her pictorials was a XXX with British stud Lee Henshaw. Charlotte began early, posing at the SCORE studio in London at the age of 18. Like many big-boobed girls in their late teens, Charlotte was pleasingly voluptuous with a fertility goddess, hourglass figure--well-proportioned and full-breasted. This pictorial was photographed and published in 1999, appearing in the July issue of SCORE. Most men's magazines publish a model once and move on to the next girl. To this day, Voluptuous and SCORE readers are different because they want to see their fantasy girls over and over again. Charlotte had this effect on readers. The mailbox usually had an assortment of letters on a monthly basis praising Charlotte.

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