Chaz & Hannah Callow: Very Bosomy Buddies

Chaz & Hannah Callow: Very Bosomy Buddies

The English tabloids loved Hannah Callow. When she said some naughty words during an argument on the British TV show Thursday Night Live, the tabs jumped on it. "My parents didn't speak to me for two days," Hannah said. "I don't normally swear."

As most of you know, Hannah is an adult entertainer from Manchester. She got a boob job and became a hardcore porn star. Miss Callow debuted in the December 1999 edition of SCORE: "SCORE Debut: Hannah Callow. The U.K.'s newest big-tit sinsation!"

Hannah periodically dropped out of sight and would return with different-colored hair, always reinventing herself, but like most British models, she used her real name.

"Chaz has the biggest breasts I've ever felt in my life," Hannah said about her co-star. "She was very sweet and I enjoyed every second with her."
Featuring: Chaz and Hannah Callow
Date: December 3rd, 2020
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