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Effie, Natalia & Chloe: Barn Burners

Date: March 11th, 2021
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German bra-buster Effie (in red) gets chummy with Natalia again and this time superstar Chloe Vevrier (in blue leggings) joins them. The setting this time is a mock-up of a dilapidated barn, with the girls getting down on top of hay bales. The girl-girl-girl sex is softened, with none of the raw sexual acts and intensity of Effie and Natalia's video because this was a magazine photo shoot and could not show penetration. 1995 was a major year for Voluptuous magazine, with so many European and British girls eager to show their bodies to the world. Chloe and Effie did several shoots together and their genuine enjoyment of beautiful female bodies was obvious on-camera. Effie from Berlin was three years older than Chloe and not as busty as Chloe, but then again, most girls weren't that naturally top-heavy, with some exceptions such as Linsey Dawn McKenzie.

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