Miss Cindy, School Teacher

Miss Cindy, School Teacher

SCORE: Do you speak any second languages?

Cindy: I speak fluent Spanish.

SCORE: What kind of personality did you have in high school?

Cindy: Quiet. Shy. I was a good student. I was in honor societies and on the principal's roll. I belonged to the Arista club, which was a group for students with the top 10% grades.

SCORE: Were you a cheerleader? You seem like you have that in you.

Cindy: My school had a cheerleading squad but I wasn't into that. Like I said, I was very shy.

SCORE: When did you become a dancer?

Cindy: When I was 18 years old, after I graduated high school.

SCORE: What clubs did you dance in at first?

Cindy: One of them was called Rachel's, in Orlando, Florida. I can't remember the name of the other club.

SCORE: So time passes and in 1999 you are spotted by photographer Anneli Adolfson at a convention called Erotica in Manhattan.

Cindy: I just happened to go out of mere curiosity, heard about it, had nothing to do that day.

SCORE: How did Anneli find you?

Cindy: I just walked by her and she went, like, "Wow!" I must have been wearing something that showed a little cleavage. I can't remember. And she stopped me and asked me if I wanted to do any magazines and modeling. I was skeptical at first. I listened to her for a little bit. I went home, thought about it and I called her back. That's how it started.

SCORE: Had you been approached by photographers before that?

Cindy: Yes, I had, but they all had different intentions so I never gave it a second thought. A lot of them were just trying to you-know-what.
Featuring: Cindy Cupps
Date: August 20th, 2022
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