Stripper Nurse Cindy Cupps

Stripper Nurse Cindy Cupps

"Very few guys ask me sexual questions, for some reason," Cindy Cupps revealed to us one afternoon. "They constantly ask, like how big they are? Am I uncomfortable lying on my stomach when I go to bed at night? Are they heavy? Are they real? Basic questions like that, constantly."

A lot of dudes want to date strippers or have a stripper girlfriend.

"A lot of the time, the guy will develop an issue. They can't handle that their girlfriend is dancing for another guy and it becomes a problem. My philosophy is to never date anyone I work with. You keep it totally separate. I've known a few dancers that dated a bouncer, a DJ and even a club owner and it doesn't work out."

Cindy never had an adult entertainer look or personality. We called her low-key.

"Growing up, I had a lot of attention and I didn't like it very much. Now as an adult, I try not to draw any unnecessary attention to myself. My life is nothing like a lot of the models you know. A lot of guys have tried to impress me by telling me how much money they make. What they own. What car they drive. I'm not impressed by talk."
Featuring: Cindy Cupps
Date: May 4th, 2024
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