Scottish Hair Club

Scottish Hair Club

Clare was eighteen in 1999 when she came to the SCORE studio in London. She was a girl-next-door type in Glasgow, Scotland with no inhibitions whatsoever. None. Toys, cocks and pussies turned her on and she got happily down with them.

Her main claim to fame was not her slim figure, pretty face and natural tits. It was her hirsuteness. She had a full muff that rivaled contemporary SCORE models Vanessa Y. and Mischel Lee. She also had hairy pits. All that led to her nickname: Hairy Clare.

"I've always been a free spirit," Clare told one of SCORE's editors in in 2000. She told him she studied dance early on and entered dance contests in Scotland. "Growing up dancing, it's very time consuming and competitive. You practice, practice, practice. I never had any time for myself. I never dated. Now I'm living for myself."
Featuring: Clare
Date: September 6th, 2018
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