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Colt 45: Her Body Was A Weapon

Featuring: Colt 45
Date: December 19th, 2020
Photos: 85
Bruce Arthur, one of the editors at SCORE, offered his opinion of Colt 45. "If all feature dancers were like Colt 45, we'd have no hardcore videos, that's for sure. But the world would be one helluva great place. Much to the dismay of big-titty porn guys the world over, Colt 45 doesn't do the dick on camera." Tough titty, as they say. Colt's abstaining from hardcore porn, unlike her stripper-sisters Lisa Lipps and Minka, didn't decrease Colt's popularity one bit. She was in demand until the day she quietly packed away her G-string. Colt talked to a SCORE editor in 2004 about this and that. "I don't talk dirty and I don't even like to dress slutty. I keep it real low-key, unless I'm in a club. When I first started featuring, I figured I was on the road so much, I might as well rent out my house.

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