Connie Kline: Full-time Student & Part-time Dancer

Connie Kline: Full-time Student & Part-time Dancer

Connie Kline was a Florida college student in 1997 when she posed for SCORE (December 1997 and July 1998). Connie was glammed up for this pictorial. In another shoot, she dressed as a fantasy student.

Connie was invited to the 4th Boob Cruise in 1998. This was the largest of the cruises with the biggest number of girls, including Europe DiChan, Heather Hooters, Casey James, Linsey Dawn, Minka, Busty Dusty, Sana Fey, SaRenna Lee, Vanessa, Nicole Tyler, Brittany Andrews, Dawn Stone, Angel Eyes, Deanna Baldwin, Skye Blue, Nicky Tease, Bobbie Wonders, Connie Kline, Adele Stephens, Rachel Rocketts, Summer Leigh, Roxy Rider, Sammie Black and Summer Cummings.

Plenty UpTopp was booked for this cruise but had to cancel at the last minute, so Connie was asked to attend. "I had to tell my professors that I had an emergency and I would have to miss a week."

Like many college students, Connie was a part-time exotic dancer. She measured 42-26-36. "I went to a strip club with some friends and the owner asked if I wanted to dance. I thought 'Why not?' And I got so many tips! I mean, I got a lot of money. Now I do it occasionally to make extra money to get through the semester. I'm telling sure beats working at McDonald's for minimum wage."

We lost touch with Connie after the cruise. As far we know, she didn't pose for any other studio.
Featuring: Connie Kline
Date: December 17th, 2022
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