Crystal Storm & Kayla Kleevage: Topheavy Tabletop

Crystal Storm & Kayla Kleevage: Topheavy Tabletop

Crystal Storm and Kayla Kleevage had a 1991 tabletop meeting of the mammaries, as big-busted dancers tend to do. A lot can get accomplished at a meeting like this.

In their expensive, fancy stripper costumes, Kayla and Crystal and another blonde stripper walked out of a giant golden cage to give the male guests a quick lap dance on the now-classic episode "I Caught My Husband in a Topless Bar." This raucous event aired on the Sally Jessy Raphael show on March 2, 1992. It was the third-highest rated episode of the year for Sally Jessy. Pissed-off wives had a lot to rant about.

The "civilian" female guests and some men on American TV talk shows always hated the dancers. Back in those enlightened times, chat shows, such as Montel Williams, Jenny Jones, Geraldo Rivera, Jerry Springer, Richard Bey, etc., were filled with subjects about busty strippers. Man! That was entertainment. Today, the social justice keyboard warriors would have seizures if shows like these were revived. All we…
Featuring: Crystal Storm and Kayla Kleevage
Date: May 15th, 2021
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What an amazing duo !

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