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West Meets Breast

Featuring: Danni Ashe and Minka
Date: August 26th, 2017
Photos: 53
During the Big '90s, tit-to-tit girl-girls were very popular. It was also a way to get some explicit sex, at least in the video version of a scene, with the girls who would not do guys on-camera, such as Colt 45 and Tawny Peaks. East Meets Breast was Minka's first girl-girl in November 1994 SCORE immediately following her debut in the October '94 issue. Minka was paired with Danielle "Danni" Ashe who became the queen of the mainstream internet a few years later. Danni and Minka also paired off in this antique bathtub set. Most of the buxom beauties like SaRenna Lee out-gunned naturally busty 32FF Danni in the chest department but not in the worship of nipples, slits and other feminine bits. So she was a hot sex-buddy for newcomer Minka. At this time, Minka wasn't the mega-boobed superstar she would gradually become so the contrast here is more the exoticism of a tanned and brunette Asian getting it on with a honey-blonde South Carolina native. Danni is the assertive one, licking Minka's furry slit and stiffening her hyper-sensitive nipples which a cool breeze can get erect. Minka repays the favor by eating out Danni's golden-haired cunt.

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