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In The Mangroves

Featuring: Danni Ashe
Date: July 13th, 2017
Photos: 40
During Boob Cruise 1995, a camera malfunction disrupted Danni Ashe's Caribbean shoot. Before the Cruise, a shooting schedule is worked out for each girl but an oversight resulted in Danni not getting photographed for a layout. The omission wasn't discovered until the staff returned to Miami. The Boob Cruise '95 issue still needed a Danni Ashe pictorial before the issue went to the pre-press department so the ever-gracious Danni flew back to Miami from California. Danni and hard-working photographer Peter Wall, who would sail on all five Cruises, found an area in Key Biscayne with mangroves, although Florida is semi-tropical, not tropical. It was cool, not hot, but the ultimate result was a memorable photo shoot that conveyed the theme befitting the edition. .

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