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Dawn Phoenix Teen Tit Dream

Featuring: Dawn Phoenix
Date: October 19th, 2016
Photos: 62
Born in Cyprus to English parents working there, Dawn Phoenix grew up in the UK and made her Voluptuous mag debut in the November 1996 edition, one month before Linsey Dawn McKenzie's long awaited US magazine debut that ushered in a new wave of excitement. Today, the concept of waiting for a model to do anything is becoming history thanks to the internet and short attention spans but there's still a lot to be said for anticipation. Like the first Linsey shoot, Dawn's first shoot was also on her 18th birthday--July 2--and featured Dawn with a cake, balloons, silly string and a bottle of champagne. We mentioned that Dawn acted bratty in the workshop video she did. She got even brattier a few years later in America. A girl named Dawn who lived in New York City and resembled a very slimmed down version of Dawn Phoenix was spotted on two American TV shows in 2003. One show was called Single In The City on the WE channel. Dawn is the BFF of one of the show's principals, Kirstie. The other show was called Shipmates, another reality dating show in which a couple takes a two-day cruise on a big luxury liner while the camera rolls and records the good and the cringe worthy. Dawn abuses the shit out of her date, who's no tower of male power, or maybe she's really testing his manhood to see how far she can push him.

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