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Big Lips and a Full Bush

Featuring: Dawn Phoenix
Date: September 12th, 2020
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1996 was a very good year because Dawn Phoenix and Linsey Dawn McKenzie turned 18. At the time, girls in the UK could model nude at 16 and be published there but the material could not be sold in the USA. The law has since been changed in the UK so girls must be legally 18 years old to be nude models. The studios in the UK had to wait for Dawn and Linsey until they turned 18 before they could sell content to the States. An English girl born in Cyprus, Dawn wanted to pose for SCORE and Voluptuous mags earlier but couldn't. Luckily Dawn's eagerness stayed high while the countdown began. Because her birthday was in July, she actually beat Linsey into Voluptuous magazine (November 1996). Linsey's Voluptuous debut was December 1996. It was an oversight on our part to never have filmed them together. That would have been some layout.

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September 20, 2020
Dawn Phoenix
She is one of My favorite Four Meaty Pussy Queens, i.e. ?Lily Valentine, ?Lillian Faye, ?Vanessa(Vanessa Shipley), and ?This Dawn Phoenix.
Meaty pussy is a well-developed labia Minora(minor pussy lips).
Seen from the front, it curls up and hangs down.
Seen from behind, it hangs parallel to the left and right, forming a curtain of pussy. Either way, it's very very nice ,fantastic and erotic.

Of particular note is the view from the front and bottom, with the meaty minor lips on both sides pulled all the way to the left and right.
The meaty minor lips on both sides form a butterfly shape, and the combination of the pink mucous membrane inside the meaty minor lips and the rose wine red color of the vaginal wall is the most fantastic view.
(See those photos of full spread pussy of Lily Valentine and Dawn Phoenix.)

The size of the clitoris does not matter.
However, the more developed the foreskin (hood ) of the clitoris is considered more erotic.
(The meaty pussy, in extreme cases, it's a Hottentot’s apron. )

In this connection, another My favorite pussy are ?Chloe Vevrier( Her ball-shaped, erected-like, big clitoris is fantastic !!), ?Danni Ashe(Pretty pussy, As for boobs, her big breasts with a huge pink areola are the best.??
?Linsey Dawn Mckenzie(Her long long foreskin of clitoris is fantastic!!), ?Autumn Jade ( Her plump and voluptuous major lips on both sides form an impressive deep pussy crevice!!?,?Eden Mor (Meaty pussy with juicy pussy juice.From
Israel. “Return of Nilli Willis”), ?and etc.
September 16, 2020
Very stretchable fantastic meaty pussy !!!

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