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The Other Dawn

Featuring: Dawn Phoenix
Date: November 21st, 2020
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If Linsey Dawn McKenzie was the "good girl," Dawn Phoenix was the "bad girl." She jumped head-first into hardcore porn in Europe and the UK while Linsey bided her time and then did her first XXX with her now ex-husband. 1978 is the birth year of Dawn Phoenix and Linsey Dawn. 1996 was the year they turned 18 and could pose nude for the North American market. Dawn Phoenix was as hot as they come and a very good model with excellent and horny posing skills. Most people don't realize the muscle control modeling requires, especially when the model is wearing seven-inch heels and has to hold the poses for the photographer. Because Dawn Phoenix's birthday was in July, she beat Linsey into Voluptuous magazine by one month. Unfortunately and inexplicably, the girls never modeled together for a Lesbian shoot or even something non-sexual, and it was unfortunate that Miss Phoenix's modeling career was so short even though it was very memorable. Readers and video buyers who loved girls with long, pliable outer labia were crazy over Dawn Phoenix's skill at pulling and stretching her pussy lips.

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November 22, 2020
Butterfly pussy, large meaty pussy butterfly !!
November 22, 2020
realmente es una hermosísima mujer!!!

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