Dawn Phoenix: The 18th Birthday Party Pictures

Dawn Phoenix: The 18th Birthday Party Pictures

The photo set of November 1996 Voluptuous magazine that accompanied Dawn Phoenix's 18th birthday video was a lot messier than the video version. Dawn's talent for tugging on her long labia was part of the show. In one photo, Dawn held up a copy of the Sunday Sport newspaper to show the date the set was photographed.

Because her birthday was in July, Dawn beat Linsey Dawn McKenzie into Voluptuous by one month. It was a crime that robbed tit-men of a great event that they never posed together and that Dawn's modeling career was so short.

A very advanced and very randy girl for her age, Dawn's exhibitionistic streak drew her to nude modeling and then hardcore scenes with guys and girls. She returned in the April 1997 Voluptuous for a soft-core photo shoot with American porn star Michael J. Cox that matched their hardcore video.
Featuring: Dawn Phoenix
Date: January 7th, 2021
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2 years ago 
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