Dawn Phoenix: Teenage Tit Dream

Dawn Phoenix: Teenage Tit Dream

The make-up artist transformed Dawn Phoenix into a men's magazine glamour girl. If you didn't know who she was, you probably wouldn't guess that Dawn was a teenager when this set was photographed two weeks after her 18th birthday.

Born to English parents in Cyprus and raised in England, Dawn was the girl-next-door with large, pale areolae. She could easily suck her own nipples. She has large outer labia that she would easily pull and play with when the photographers asked. Dawn was their go-to girl for that.

Her cherubic face masked a wonderful talent for lewdness and porn sex. We wonder where she is today. Married? Divorced? Single? Doing what? Working in a regular job? Is she still naughty and super-horny? Or did she burn-up all her wild, wild oats in her youth doing porn in the UK, Germany and France? Those questions will probably never be answered, and maybe it's better that way.
Featuring: Dawn Phoenix
Date: January 9th, 2021
Photos: 90

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2 years ago 
The women's meaty pussy is well developed inner large minor pussy labia(large pussy inner lips). Seen from front(standing position),
Both labia cur up and hang down, very erotic and fantastic view. But from behind, the view is also fairly erotic and fantastic. Both meaty labia hang down, parallel to both side longly, forming a curtain of pussy labia, under the crack of both crotch and butt. It is the best pleasure to be able to appreciate the meaty pussy hanging from behind and the huge jugs hanging down at the same time.
Similarly, it goes without saying that from behind pussy view is also very fantastic and erotic for other My favorite meaty pussy and busty nice models like Lily Valentine, Lillian Faye, and Vanessa Shipley as well. In this photo set, there are those many from behind pussy view photos, therefore for enthusiastic pussy lover like me, just irresistible.
However, it must be the ultimate pleasure to actually suck those nice model's pussies while tasting abundant juicy pussy juice.
As an old fan of her, I am also interested in where and what she is doing, too, as well as about Busty Danni Ashe.

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