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Dawn Stone: The Real Deal Country Girl

Featuring: Dawn Stone
Date: April 23rd, 2022
Photos: 95
This set of Dawn Stone was filmed in August 1996. It tapped into the "Daisy Mae" fantasy of a country girl showing off her stacked goodies in a hay barn, and since Dawn grew up in North Carolina, the fantasy fit her background. Dawn doesn't wear the classic Daisy Mae outfit but it was close enough. In real life and fantasy life, Dawn was every inch the sweet, polite Southern belle who was also hot and horny and liked to show her naked body off. "I like to swim, and I am lifeguard certified," Dawn told us. "I love to take long baths and go to the tanning bed. I even have one in my house. I love Hip-Hop and Rap music the best because I can jam to the beats. My favorite Hip Hop artists are DMX and Jay Z. I wear white most of the time and I love Victoria's Secret's Vanilla perfume.

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