Dawn Stone: Hot Tomato

Dawn Stone: Hot Tomato

This pictorial of busty blonde bombshell Dawn Stone was published in February 1998 Voluptuous magazine. The editors still don't get the concept for the shoot or know who came up with. We think it was intended for Leg Sex magazine but that's only a guess.

In this set, Dawn wears a sexy red mini-dress and pantyhose, looking sensational. Then she squashes tomatoes and other fruits with her feet and her ass. It could be one of the most-bizarre shoots published in a big-bust magazine. The Brits call this fetish splodging. Besides food, mud and other yucky substances could be used in splodging. We're not sure if the fetish is still as popular now across the Big Pond as it was in the 1990s.

Some women look totally naked even when they're dressed. Dawn is one of them. The sweet southern charmer was never big on talking dirty on-video. Trying it would make her giggle. Dawn could do it when she wanted to but it's not in her nature. Besides, Dawn's statuesque body did all the talking.
Featuring: Dawn Stone
Date: July 16th, 2022
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