Dawn Stone on the Bridge of the Boob Cruise Ship

Dawn Stone on the Bridge of the Boob Cruise Ship

Captain Dawn Stone is a sailor's wet dream in this photo shoot taken on the bridge of The Legacy, SCORE's Boob Cruise 2000 sailing ship. The Windjammer is anchored off Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands. The date is Tuesday, May 2nd, 2000. Dawn also hosted a chapter of Boobs Ahoy!, the DVD about this cruise.

The real Captain told us he was a bachelor and had never seen girls like Dawn before, either in person or in magazines. He'd never seen SCORE Magazine before. Boy, did he get a show that day.

A selection of these photos was published in June 2001 SCORE, and naturally, Dawn was the covergirl. It was a magazine follow-up to the official Boob Cruise 2000 issue (cover date Holiday 2000). It included a free 32-page Boob Cruise calendar.
Featuring: Dawn Stone
Date: May 20th, 2023
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