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Deanna Baldwin & Vanessa

Featuring: Vanessa and Deanna Baldwin
Date: August 8th, 2019
Photos: 50
This girl-girl with British Vanessa and American Deanna Baldwin was shot in London after the 4th Boob Cruise. The two had met on that giant cruise vessel featuring the biggest number of SCORE Girls out of the five voyages. Only a softcore photo set was shot, not a video. "I work at a club for a few months and then move on to the next city," said Deanna, a stripper and lap dancer at the time. "Some girls do this alone, others travel in twos or threes. We live in monthlies and other short-term lease apartments. "What do I like best about modeling and dancing? Probably being able to make love to people's eyes. Other dancers are not jealous of me, I think, because I'm not really famous. I never became well-known like other girls in SCORE. In bed I love titty-fucking.

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