Lacey Legends & Deena Duos: Happy Trails

Lacey Legends & Deena Duos: Happy Trails

SCORE's British photo team did not just knock out a pictorial in a backyard when they set out to photograph Lacey Legends and Deena Duos together in a mild girl-girl. They went to a stable, rented the services of a horse and his trainer and went to a barren desert location outside Palm Springs, California. The girls wore hot stripper-cowgirl outfits. It was a full day of traveling and work just for these photos. The noble horse, whose name is lost to posterity, was a good sport during the shoot.

The resulting pictorial, titled "Happy Trails," was published in November 1992 SCORE. Wendy Whoppers was the covergirl. Lisa Gazombas (later Lisa Chest), Wendy Whoppers, Persia, Sasha and Candy Cantaloupes were featured in pictorials. Night Moves columnist L.A. Bust reported from Tiffany's Cabaret in Jackson, Mississippi, another Tiffany's Cabaret in Boynton Beach, Florida, and the Classic Cat in Nashville, Tennessee. Yes, the SCORE Girls of the 1990s really got around.

The writer of the "cheesecake" for the girls' pictorial wrote "These erotically-charged photographs portray the beauty of two well-endowed women enjoying bisexual play in a way most men rarely ever understand."
Featuring: Deena Duos and Lacey Legends
Date: September 17th, 2022
Photos: 75

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