Desirae in full bloom

Desirae in full bloom

Desirae talked about how she came to SCORE's attention in 2001.

"I had a friend hook me up with a website on iFriends, which is an adult website where you can view people over the Internet with webcams and also chat with them. One day a guy who was watching me came into the chat room and he was telling me that I was very pretty. I gave him my e-mail address and he sent it to SCORE. The next day, Peter Wall, the photographer, e-mailed me."

iFriends shut down in 2018. It was one of the first of the big webcam sites.

"I never thought I'd ever be a model. I was totally shocked when SCORE invited me to come down here. I'm very flattered by all of this. I was nineteen. I just started doing all this recently. I came here in December, 2001 and started shooting. I started doing the webcam in November, a month before. I was a photographer myself for a little while. I shot families and children mainly. Then I relocated to Texas temporarily and I was a bookkeeper for nine months."

Desirae also joined the cast of On Location Key Largo. She got to meet Lorna Morgan, Kerry Marie, Chaz and Chloe Vevrier.
Featuring: Desirae
Date: December 23rd, 2021
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