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Desirae: Sweater girl

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Date: December 25th, 2021
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Desirae's voluptuous teen figure and beautiful face made her a dream girl during the relatively short time she modeled. Lots of pretty girls are models but they don't communicate anything to the camera. "Fresh-faced," "apple-cheeked" and "girl-next-door" were some of the adjectives fans used to describe Desirae. The messages she received ranged from love-struck to total filth. A few of her website members with artistic skills sent their drawings, which were pretty good. Desirae was very open when she talked about sex. "I really like it whenever the guy's on top and my nipples are being sucked really hard. But that's not my favorite sexual position, that's just where I like the guy to be when he's sucking on my nipples. I like to be tied down, but not hard. I don't like pain, I just like to be restrained.

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