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Breastfully Clean Devon

Featuring: Devon Daniels
Date: June 23rd, 2018
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First brought to editor John Fox's attention by her then-boyfriend, Devon Daniels took to modeling immediately and loved her brief time in front of the camera. John is still looking for the next Devon. Even though Devon had been retired from modeling for years, it didn't stop Voluptuous magazine readers from voting the American brunette Voluptuous Model of the Year 1999. Some models make a permanent impact. Devon is one of those girls. "I usually sleep on my side but sometimes I turn on my stomach and I'll get my face buried between my breasts and start to smother," Devon said. "If I go braless for too long, with a shirt or something, my nipples get sore. With exercising, it can not only be awkward but too much bouncing around and jiggling around can make them sore." Contributing to the mystique Devon has is the fact that there are few sets and videos of her. Because of this scarcity, the magazine and video buyers aren't bored with her as they would be with a girl who's shot hundreds of pictorials and dozens of videos. Always leave them wanting more is an old adage, and when a great girl stops modeling after a short time, she does leave everyone wanting more.

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August 20, 2019
So beautiful, like private Photos!
June 24, 2018
It would be wonderful If there was another Devon Daniels. However, I think she was a one in a zillion lady.

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